Thursday, June 27, 2013

Long Trip Is Over 5

After an excellent night of sleep we decided to take in breakfast at the IHOP in front of our motel.  During breakfast we discussed the evening before and planned the day upcoming.  Since we were fairly certain the kids would not get their wedding photos for some time to come we decided to take my SD card to Walmart and have some pictures printed.  We picked the two pictures of the bride and her new husband and father that I posted in the last post and we wanted to do something for Viola so we had prints made and framed of these two pictures.
Viola, Me, Viola's daughter Scarlett

Viola with Mia
As you can plainly see there are three really nice look gals and one pretty ugly guy in these pictures.

After the pictures were done we headed over to the Terry Redlin Art Center that opened a noon.  I love this guys work.  He is a local renown wildlife artist who uses light in all his spectacular paintings.  He isn't like Kinkade.  To look at a Redlin painting is to step back into the past and remember things you long forgot.  The last time we were there I wanted to purchase a print but didn't.  This time I picked "Above The Fruited Plains" and it already hanging in my kitchen.
We went to the family home for some family time.  The bride, her husband, the grooms mom and dad, brides mom, dad, brother, grandma and granddad and great grandmother all hunkered down for a wonderful afternoon of food and fellowship.  I really enjoyed the time spent with these folks.  They are so down to earth and family oriented.  I was sorry when it ended and we had to head back to the motel for another night of rest.  Tomorrow, the trip home

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