Sunday, June 30, 2013

Learned Something From Our Long Trip

Traveling great distances listening to whatever local radio station that you can find (and there aren't many in the plains states) gives you reason to pause and reflect on ways to make the journey at least seem shorter.  While on our recent trip we experience the phenomenon and had it not been for the extreme weather conditions we ran into just before reaching our destination, the trip there would have have seemed much longer.  I understand that everyone must start someplace but the announcers at some of the country stations we listened too were really sadly lacking in skills.

Mia picked up a couple of books on tape at our library but after trying to listen to one of them we decided that wasn't a good idea.  First of all, it is difficult to drive and listen to someone just read a book and follow along.  Secondly, the dry, mono tone reading is enough to make you want a nap.  So we quickly disregarded the books on tape.

While in Watertown we visited with our family one of whom is a long haul truck driver.  We discussed the issue with the radio, books on tape and the like and he asked me if I liked Westerns and history.  I said yes and he introduced me to his method of making the miles go by faster, Graphic Audio.  This company produces movies for the mind.  They have tons of titles and most sound like B or C class movies however the series he gave me for the trip home was very good and the miles just flew bye.
The series is called Eagles and there are many different books that comprise the entire series.  It is rated mature due to content.  It is the history of a man named Jamie MacAllister and the family, town and land that he develops over the years.  Set in the mid 1800's it traces the family history through the Civil War, Custer's last stand and other historical events.  The book is narrated as well as acted out by several actors and had sound effects and everything, just like the old radio shows.  We enjoyed what we heard.

I so love the old radio shows on Radio Classics provided by Sirrus/XM Radio, but I am too cheap to subscribe.  My company cars all have it and I love listening to the station as I travel to and from work.

So I got to thinking.  I wondered if there was someplace to get some of the old radio shows.  ITunes to the rescue.  I found that they had many of the old radio shows that I have come to enjoy on Sirrus/XM as podcasts and the best part....they are FREE.

So I have begun downloading many of the shows that I enjoy for use on future trips as we tow the trailer across this vast country.  Now I even have more reason to look forward to retirement.

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