Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Is This

I was up early and ready to go and I had no place to go.  I have a day off.  This might be the last one for some time to come but I have today and I plan to enjoy it.  Unfortunately for me, Mia has to work and she won't be home until late because today is her evening meeting day.  I guess some would see that as a good thing, but not me.

I plan to go to the store to get some items to make a casserole.  The turkey we fixed Sunday isn't exactly disappearing at a high volume so I have decided to make a casserole out of what is left.  I just need a couple of ingredients to make it really good.  Then I'll boil the carcass for an hour or so and give Mia some turkey broth that she can freeze.

And I will clean up after myself.

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