Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Day Off And How To Stop A Leak

I have the day off so I can't work Saturday again this week.  I don't mind.  I actually kind of enjoy working Saturday.  The only issue is I can't go to the trailer for the weekend.  It seems fruitless to go up for one night and part of a day.  When we get back from our road trip I am hoping to spend some time up there.

Mia is at work and I have been looking high and low for 5 1/4" flexible duct tubing for our upstairs bedroom air conditioner.  You have no idea how hard it is to find and how easily it breaks down over the years.  Just gently try to expand it and it breaks.  Lowe's and Home Depot, no help.  None of the local appliance stores stock it.  So I go to the manufacturer, Sharp.  A call to service got a customer representative named Amanda.  Very nice young lady who was very empathic to my situation and then had to tell me they didn't have it either and didn't expect it to arrive until June 26th and it would be $70.00.  Seems a bit extreme for 4' foot of flexible tubing.  6" dryer ducting doesn't cost that much.  I suspect that I will be spending some time at Lowe's looking for away to adapt 6" tubing to the current set up.

I did the dishes this morning and cleaned the kitchen.  Before Mia left for work she put some ribs in the crock pot and I have to make corn bread, prepare some Bush beans and fix a nice dessert using Jello pie filling and Cool Whip....yum.  Guess I'll go fix lunch for us and continue this later this afternoon.

Mia is on her way back to work after eating grilled cheese sandwich.  I love to fix them and eat them.

I just read on MSN that the person who won the big jackpot in PowerBall has finally come forward.  Apparently they live in a very small town and the secret was not spilled.  Obama could use some cabinet members...maybe he should look to Zephyrhills, Fla. for his next cabinet member.

I hear the garbage an in the distance and one of the things I need to do today is wash out to foul smelling garbage container.  It is really bad.  I just finished washing the front porch disposing of all of the yellow pollen dust and dirty bird droppings.  Onward and upward.

Dinner will be next after that.  Maybe I'll post a couple of pictures later.....

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