Thursday, June 27, 2013

Long Trip Is Over 4

As we approached our destination we could see that nothing in the area had electrical power.  A little concerned as we pulled up to our motel we were greeting by a very friendly lady who immediately had us checked in by candle light.  Apparently key cards don't require electricity to work.  We unloaded the truck removing our nifty little cooler.  Since none of the restaurants had power we had to make due with the food we had in the cooler and it worked really well.  Off to dream land in anticipation of the next day.

Saturday morning we got up and had a quick breakfast, went to Walmart and got a call from my cousin's granddaughter.  She was ready for us to surprise her grandmother.  Just about everyone in the family was aware that I planned to visit except the 92 year old main reason I decided to make the trip.  She was busy having her hair done for the wedding and so it was thought that I should walk in and ask if I could get a haircut while she was still in the chair.  At first she didn't react too much.  She didn't have her glasses on and I only suspect that she recognized my voice but couldn't quite place it.  It took her a while to catch on to who I was but being 92 she was pretty quick.  I think she recognized Mia first  and then realize and blurted out that she should know me.  She finally made the connection and her granddaughter had a great laugh.  We all had a laugh and then went into the meeting room of the facility she lives in to spend time catching up.  Her daughter and her husband joined us for a couple of hours.  We made it perfectly clear that this day was the brides, her great-great granddaughter and that we would stay in the background at the wedding and reception.  We enjoyed our conversation over lunch and then left to go back to the motel and change, giving them a chance to do the same.

Mia and Viola chat
We arrived at the wedding just in the nick of time since I got lost getting to the church.  But we made it and sat with the family to watch the occasion.  It was very nice and very quick.  The church is a beautiful and fairly modern building.
I thought the altar was very nice and seating was great for viewing the whole program.  They had a soloist who was very good but you couldn't see her behind the wedding party.  She sang exceptionally well and sounded very professional.  The bride entered the hall with Dad and all I had was my phone but I got a picture.
The vows were exchanged and we were introduced to the happy couple and it was off to the reception.

We spent a few hours at the reception, had dinner, watch some dancing and great great grandma was ready for bed as were we so we left.

Bride and Groom share their first dance

Father/Daughter Dance
From what I heard everyone had a great time and we went back to the motel and fell fast asleep.
Tomorrow, Terry Redlin and family.

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  1. Very nice wedding photos, Ken. So glad to hear that despite the lack of power, etc, you still made it to the wedding and surprised your cousin's grandmother. Good job!