Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fantasy Becomes Reality and Dinner Was Great

First there was fantasy.  A TV program starring Mary Louise Parker as a divorced mother of two trying to make it by growing and distributing marijuana in a fictional suburb somewhere in California.  Yesterday we learn there is a real life mother living in an upscale New York neighborhood with a warehouse in Queens and three million in street value marijuana plants in various stages of growth.
Does reality spawn fantasy or the other way around.
Mary Louise Parker

There don't appear to be many pictures of the alleged mother other
than those showing her riding a horse.  Sorry, I couldn't help putting up this picture.

On to dinner.  I promised pictures so here they are.
The menu was:
Ribs, country style
Corn Bread
Dipping Sauce
Jello Goodie


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  1. OK, it's official--you're a good cook, Ken!