Sunday, June 9, 2013

What A Week

I hope this coming week is better than the one just ending.  As a manager, employee issues have to be without a doubt the most difficult, time consuming and sometimes whack out issues that I have to deal with.  I sometimes just want to throw up my arms in frustration when people don't understand, aren't willing to change and don't care to work.  And what really surprises is the most recent one is coming from a member of the team that I would not have suspected would have any issues with the change and what is going on.   Retirement can't come soon enough.  I'll keep plugging away until my time has come, but I'll definitely be saying goodbye when the day arrives seven thousand, four hundred twenty five hours and nineteen minutes from now.

Mia came and picked me up at work yesterday afternoon and we headed up to the trailer in Gold Bar via the local Albertson store in Monroe.  We purchased a roasted chicken, some salad fixings and a couple of munchies.  When we arrived at the lot I went to work fixing a couple of outside lights that Zach had mentioned were not working.  One was completely burned out and I had to replace the bulb.  After a generous lather in anti corrosive agent I put the bulb in and presto, I had light.  The other one that is out appears to be a combination of corrosion and a intermittent switch.  New bulb, more lathering with anti corrosive goop and the light works but the switch is still intermittent.  I suspect it is just corroded and after turning it on and off several times I believe it may now function as intended.

We spent a quiet night after dinner.  Took a long walk with Honey, read and watched a couple of old TV shows.  We have some TV reception with the antenna but we are limited to some channels that either carry religious broadcasting (there are five of them) or some local old time TV stations.  Gods channels always seem to work.

This morning we had breakfast and Mia headed up to Wallace Falls for her climb up the trail.  I took Honey for a long walk in the park, came back to the trailer and did the dishes, made the bed and got everything ready to leave.  When she came back we went to visit friends for a short time and then came back to the trailer for a quick lunch, packing up and leaving.  She dropped me off at the dealership and I picked up my demo on the way home.  As I type this she is laying in a warm bathtub.   Seems she got a little stiff driving home after her walk.

Hope everyone is having a good time.

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