Sunday, January 3, 2016

Things Are Coming Together

When we purchased our used Breckinridge trailer we didn't use the heater too often.  As cooler weather approached we started to use it on a regular basis.  We had noticed it was noisy early on, shortly after the purchase and a couple of weeks into the winter season we went up to check out the trailer to make sure everything was okay.  We found the furnace running but no heat was coming from the vents.  I contacted Doug's RV Service in Startup and he sent someone up to check it out.  They found the squirrel cage for the fan was missing several of the plastic fans causing the unit to stop producing any heat output.  Because of this the motor was having issues as well.

It was so blasted cold even with the addition of the two heaters shown above we decided not to return until Doug was done repairing the furnace.  He called me earlier this past week to say they were done.  Mia, Honey and I took a road trip this morning to go check it out and stop by and pay the bill.  I hate to make a company that has helped me wait for payment.  As promised the furnace was working.  We turned around and headed home content in the knowledge that we can now return and spend a weekend up there next week.  We absolutely love the, new to us, trailer.

Luckily, we left Gold Bar when we did because the weather changed dramatically from the time we left to go up and when we came back.  When we left this morning the sun was out, the skies were clear.  In fact, we could see the Olympic mountains from I5 on the other side of Puget Sound something you just don't see to often.  Upon return the clouds had moved in and as we approached our home base the snow started.  It continued to fall and as we came into the condo neighborhood the ground was turning white.  Can't say I don't like it.

It is mid afternoon as we watch the remaining minutes of the Seahawks last regular season game.  We are deciding how much and what we need to eat to lose some weight over the next few weeks.  Not a diet but more a different way of eating.  We'll see what happens.  I'm pumped.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.