Thursday, January 28, 2016

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When we were traveling I would get upwards of 50 followers reading the blog.  Now it seems I am lucky to see ten.  I have thought about our travels and with the trailer and truck gone, wondering how, when and where our next adventure should take us.

Next month we will visit Seabrook along the Washington Pacific coastline.  Mia, Honey and I will spend most of the first week of February staying at the Music Beach Cottage.  We have rented this cottage from the 3rd of February until Saturday the 6th.  My birthday falls on the 4th so it is my little get away.

We will be enjoying some reading and some meals out at the local casino among other places.  We will be within walking distance of the beach.  Several years ago our immediate family gathered in one of the cottages and spent a weekend together communing with nature and releasing Mia's mothers ashes into the Pacific.  It was a solemn weekend.

We have no specific plans after this short trip.  I have looked at touring Germany but I am not sure the trip would be worth the cost.  I am considering a trip into the Canadian Rockies, making a big loop from Seattle north to Canada and east to the Rockies and back down through Glacier National Park in Montana.  I have been to Glacier twice and totally love the park and the area that surrounds it.

For the future, many of places we visited I would not mind revisiting however many of them are on the other side of the country leaving me to wonder if it would be cheaper to fly or drive.  I would certainly see more of the country driving and that is the way I tend to lean.

I have some summer projects both here at home and at our new digs in Gold Bar that I will need to complete while the weather is good.  I am hoping for an early rainless spring to get the most done before the heat of late summer comes around to slow me down.  I have completed the frame build of our new little utility trailer and have to buy and install the decking and build sideboards.
Both seem to be relatively easy projects but getting the wood home dry is a problem with the continued wet weather we are having.

Lighting test of our new folding utility trailer
I hope all is well in your world.  I am concerned in mine.

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  1. That looks like a great place to spend a birthday.. Enjoy yourselves.