Friday, January 22, 2016

Since We Are All In The Same Boat

In all of the time I spent following barbed wire from fence post to fence post, not once did I find myself sitting on the fence, yet here I am, a few months from another Presidential Election and I have no idea for whom I will vote.

Let me first say that I am neither Democrat or Republican.  I have my values from my upbringing, environment, peers and my retirement.  I want to vote for the best possible candidate.  Someone who is honest, shows integrity, can work with others and will listen to opposing views and not be afraid to change their viewpoint.

With only 291 days until election day I can truly say that I don't have a candidate.  Out of the pool of people who have chosen to run for the office, I only see five with any possibility of being the nominee for their respective parties.  Because polling data seems to vary depending on who is taking the poll there is a discrepancy in information provided to the candidates and the public.  However, the same names seem present at the top of the polling data with the remaining candidates appearing to have very little chance of arriving at the table.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the only two viable candidates.  The Republicans appear to have three, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Depending on which poll you choose to read Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to be winning and I can't adjust my values to fit either of them much less the three behind them.

Since we are all in the same boat, who do we want coxswain as we row into the future?

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