Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Root Beer

A close family friend turned me on to a local brand of root beer.
It is definitely a good root beer but it can be difficult to obtain.  The brewery only sells it in kegs and unless you are planning a huge party to get rid of the contents of the keg, you're likely to have a large amount of this brand sitting around the house.  Since the Root Beer Store doesn't stock it, because it comes in a keg, some research is required to obtain smaller amounts.

Enter Rainier Growlers on the south hill of Puyallup where we met a very nice young lady by the name of Teri.  She introduced us to growlers.  These are refillable bottles that come in just plain glass or insulated for longer product life.  The refillable bottles are cheap (six to eight dollars) and she wasn't sure how much the insulated product would be since they hadn't received them yet.  We took a 64 ounce for us and a 32 ounce for a gift.  Apparently we have two to three days to use the product once the bottle has been unsealed.  It was a very good and informative visit with Teri who took the time to explain the process to us.  They have 40 different craft beers on tap as well as the root beer.  A fun place to visit.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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