Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Christmas

Well the Christmas season appears to be over for another year.  Sitting here this morning I have to wonder what 2016 will bring.  We had a great time with the family yesterday and I really enjoyed having all of them in for a visit and dinner.  They all have lives but I miss the times like we had yesterday.

I read this morning that our region of the country, primarily Seattle, might be in another housing bubble.  With the Fed increasing the interest rate there may very well be another explosion when it comes to our housing market.  We have made significant gains over the past few years but fewer and fewer people can afford a house when the median home is $521,400 with values having grown by 12.7% according to a report released on MSN this morning.  If interest continues to rise there are going to be fewer and fewer folks who will be able to afford to purchase the "American Dream" of owning their own home.   Sadly the Seattle area may already be out of reach for many of the population living in the area.

Today is a do nothing day.  I have no plans.  There is a Washington Husky football bowl game on today and I will probably watch it.  Tomorrow as the Seattle Seahawks do battle at Century Link Field, Mia and I will be visiting my stepmom in Mt. Vernon.  We plan to help my son with some maintenance work around his home over the coming week and I am looking for and working on plans for a new project in the wood shop.  After the first of the year I have to get back to work putting down the moldings around the baseboard and our built in cabinets in the kitchen area.

Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas.  Thanks for stopping by.

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