Sunday, January 10, 2016

Just 32 Miles

The word came via email that our new Forester had arrived at the dealership so we took off up to get it early this morning while the Seattle Seahawks appeared to be losing their wild card game.  The dealership was really quiet and we were in and out before the second half started.  We now have a new 2016 Forester 2.5 Limited with leather seats, winter package, Eyesight and a host of other media options that I am not sure we will every use.  The audio system in the car has Navigation as well as options for locating stuff, hooking up to Pandora, and changing just about everything that the vehicle does from the length of time the lights stay on to how many beeps when the car is locked.

We only hope that this little jewel works as well for us as the Chevrolet Silverado we traded in.  We got a spectacular deal and came home to find the Seahawks in the fourth quarter about to give up the win as the Vikings were about to kick a chip shot field goal for the last play of the game....but they MISSED...and the Hawks go on to win 10 to 9.  Kind of reminded me of the last play of a disappointing Super Bowl we played.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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