Thursday, February 26, 2015

Teatro ZinZanni

Last evening Mia and I attended a dinner theater located under the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle.  Gift cards from our son and his family presented us with an opportunity to spend three hours eating a wonderful five course meal while enjoying a blend of Circus, Comedy, Vaudeville and light Burlesque.

The theater is a spiegeltent, Dutch for "Mirrored Tent".  Constructed from wood and canvas with mirrors and stained glass these entertainment venues traveled from city to city during the late 19th and early 20th century in Europe.  Built in Belgium the Spiegeltent was almost destroyed by the Nazis during the second World War.  Set ablaze in a bonfire, the mirrors and stain glass smashed it was nearly a total loss.  The one located across from the Seattle Center and home to this venue is one of the oldest spiegeltents in the world.
From the Lobby

Dining...not my picture

Titled "The Hot Spot" this production involves a genie who grants wishes to several other members of the cast.  Half way into the program the genie, who appears to be an old, bent lady who needs a walking stick to move around, climbs into a rope harness lowered from the ceiling and transforms into a very lovely lady whose abilities as aerialist are amazing, considering she is 53 years old.
This lady was amazing...pic from net

A husband and wife team provide the Vaudeville portion of the show with song and dance.  These two can tap dance their way out of any situation.  Both are excellent in their roles.  The Lady Rizo character is a cabaret style star with some very good vocals plus interactions with the cast and audience.  Several times during the performance she held difficult notes for several seconds causing applause from all of those watching including other cast members.  There is a juggler who mixes comedy with his juggling act.  Another male, female team do a pole performance call a Vertical Tango that is amazing and very sensual.
Excellent singer..pic from net
These two are husband and wife for real...pic from net
Vertical good...pic from the net

Lost his pants and then got them back...pic from the net

Then there was the gentleman who sort of brings the audience and the cast together.  Playing Caesar he uses audience members and cast members to perform some very funny skits.  Several members of the audience were pulled to the center stage to play parts in the production.  We found it to be a perfect blend of entertainment and the three hour dinner show went by quickly. funny...pic from the net

Executive Chef Eric Carlson provided the five course meal which included the following items:


Chilled, roasted vegetable ratatouille tower
with saffron and fire-roasted tomato sauce


Golden split pea soup garnished with lime crème


Whole leaf Caesar salad with brioche croutons,
shaved Parmesan, and fresh lemon


Lamb Chop & Kobe Sirloin Duo

Herb crusted Lamb Chop and petite Double R Ranch Kobe sirloin with smoked Gouda cream, mandarin-carrot -Yukon mash and seasonal vegetables

Wild Alaskan Halibut

Wild caught Halibut with citrus-Peppadew butter served with fines herbes and yuzu sage cream sauce, roasted leek and Thai basil jasmine rice and seasonal vegetables


Roasted pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli topped with citrus herb cream and garnished with toasted almonds and parmesan cheese


Passion fruit cheesecake and an orange almond petite sponge cake filled with chocolate rum butter cream

We enjoyed the meal.  Each item had a distinct mixture of flavors.  We chose the Lamb Chop & Koby Sirloin Duo and they were cooked superbly.  The mandarin-carrot-Yukon mash was excellent.

If you are ever in Seattle or San Francisco I highly recommend this show.  It isn't the cheapest dinner.  Mia and I don't drink and we would have spent $400. had it not been for the gift cards our son's family gave us for Christmas.  

One final suggestion.  Sit at the far outside tables if you don't wish to participate in the show.  Random members of the audience are teased, used as transportation and brought to center stage to join the performance.  Those in the outer ring seemed to be too far away.

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