Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday In My Shop

Spent most of my Monday downstairs in the shop or upstairs sitting on my backside watching Amazon Prime.  I worked on one of my projects and had three pallet boards that need to be taken apart.  I generally do it the easy way, with a circular saw to remove the two outer skids and then I remove the boards from the center skid.  Unfortunately most pallet manufacturers deem it necessary to put more nails in the two end boards as well as the center one.  These are generally removed with the circular saw to keep them from splitting.  Sadly, they are much shorter pieces of wood.

I cut the skids in half and piled them up on the floor near a box of wood scraps that I have be accumulating over the past couple of months.  I called my daughter who loves a good outdoor fire in the back yard and told her she could have my scraps.

It amounts to a nice pile of burnable stuff.  Should make a nice fire.

Not sure what today will bring.  I am not really in the mood to do much of anything.  The Amazon Fire may have something to do with it.  Since getting it we have watched three seasons of Suits and started the five season set of Covert Affairs last night.  It is fun to watch television with no commercials.  I noticed this morning that the Oscars brought 6.4 million fewer viewers than last year.  Could it be they are just too long, there are too many award shows and fewer named stars?  Funny thing is the Golden Globes got 20.9 million viewers for a 10 year record.  Or was it the something else?

We have a dinner theater to attend tomorrow night in Seattle and then I suspect we will head up to Gold Bar Thursday to begin the preparations for our trip.  I have revised it several times and will likely do so again.


Thanks for dropping by.

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