Thursday, February 19, 2015

So Much To Do

It seems like just when we think we have everything done and figured out for our trip in March something else pops up that we hadn't thought about.  While purchasing our truck and trailer license tabs online yesterday, Mia discovered that her drivers license expires April this year leaving us with no emergency driver should the need arise.  So another thing to get done.  We meet with our grandson on Sunday evening to go over the details of what he needs to do for us while we are gone.  I got guest passes ready for the family should they want to use the facilities at Gold Bar this summer.  We recorded a Power of Attorney for our son should anything happen to us while we are gone.  And then there is the equipment list.  Things we need to take along to make life a little more comfortable.

I took the truck out to North Bend Chevrolet (one of my old bosses dealerships) to get it serviced yesterday and get my maple bar from George's Bakery.  Always have one every time I go out there.  It was early morning and the sun was coming up.  I had time to look at the Traverse and the Equinox as possible replacements for the truck should this little trip provide us with reason to never do it again.

I stopped by our dealership in Eastgate earlier in the morning to visit with my grandson and the owner.  The sun was just starting to appear.

Monday and Tuesday I cleaned the truck.  I started with the inside and did the outside the next day.  I finished it up late Tuesday afternoon and it looks pretty good.

I still have the damage on the right rear quarter that I very seldom see unless I am washing it.  I am now looking for some kind of decal to put over the area and make it disappear.  I have had to dings repaired by mobile painters and neither repair looks that good so I don't want to pay someone to just mess it up more.

We will be attending a dinner theater next week and then we will head to Gold Bar to load up all the stuff we need, generator, heater, tools, cleaning stuff, and anything else we might need from our sheds.  Then we will tow the trailer home Sunday evening to load it on Monday with hopes of leaving town on Tuesday March 3rd.

There is still more to do.  My golf cart has been in the shop since October and I really need to get it home before we leave.  But I am working on all of this stuff and I suspect we will be out of here on time.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by

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  1. always a busy time in preparation for a big trip!
    the truck looks 'brand new'!