Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back To Retirement

My four and a half months of going back to work has come to an end as of yesterday.  I have promised to come back for one more partial day to assist with the end of month.  While I won't necessarily miss the commute (bus or driving) I can't say I won't miss the people who work there.  It was my distinct honor and privilege to work with such a fine group of people who just get up each morning and try as hard as they can to change everyone else's opinion about the automotive business. Unfortunately a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else.  Just like everything else there are ups and downs.
Last day sunrise over the dealership back lot

I have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks to get prepared to leave the first week of March for points south.  It appears the weather will be cooperating with us and we will be heading into some very warm climate.  Can't say I won't like that.

Spring training is our first stop and hopefully there will be tickets available to watch some baseball.  Apparently, spring training has gotten increasingly popular and many folks attend.  Almost to the ticket saturation point.  So I will be looking for tickets when I have a better idea of when we will be there.

Time to give Honey her morning and fix breakfast for my Valentine.  She won't let me spend money on chocolate (can't eat it), flowers (they just die), jewelry (she hasn't got any place to wear it) or anything else.  I took her to dinner last night at  a local Seafood restaurant with friends and everyone was stuffed upon leaving.  I had the breaded Arctic Cod.  Very yummy.
Take care, hope everyone is well.  See you down the road as we head south and you head north....

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