Monday, February 16, 2015

First Day Back To Retirement

It is Monday and I didn't have to get up early to get ready for work and there are no bus rides in my foreseeable future.  The morning actually started out with a cup of coffee and online news, blog reading and a couple of emails.  Then it was time to take Honey for her morning walk around our enclosed neighborhood.  The morning sunrise is spectacular.  I am hoping to get several outdoor projects done today as it will be approaching sixty degrees.
It is also Presidents Day and the medical facility that I use is closed.  I need to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my knee.  After the pulled hamstring (if indeed that was the problem) things seemed to be getting better.  It was just over a month ago that I had my incident while running to catch the bus.  Since no MRI was done there is really no sure way to tell if the hamstring pulled or it was one of the many other tendons that hold things together.  Long story short, it has come to a point where aching is severe at times and yesterday I could get pain by pressing in on the outer side just under the joint.  It isn't too bad this morning but then mornings are usually pretty good.  By night-time things start to reverse and it begins to hurt.  I just want to make sure it will  heal and maybe get some exercises or something to help strengthen the tendons.

While on the subject of Presidents Day, whose idea was it in the first place?  The President's Day National Committee?  Formed in 1951 its sole purpose was to honor the office of the Presidency.  It appears that a draft of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was meant to change the name to President's Day honoring the birthdays of both Washington (George) and Lincoln (Abe).  Perhaps this is why a weekend between these two celebrated President's birthday's made sense.  Alas this proposal failed in committee and the bill was voted on and signed into law June 28, 1968 and was to be known as Washington's Birthday.

Then along comes business and their advertising and marketing branches that made a push to change the name to President's Day in the mid 1980's.   Explains why we have non stop President's Day ads all thru the month of February.

One final note, I have been looking into places to stay in Arizona during our trip.  Especially in the Peoria area while enjoying some spring training baseball games.  Since we can't take Honey to the stadium's with us and can't leave her alone in the trailer in a camping facility, I will attend a couple of games while Mia stays with Honey and quilts and enjoys the air conditioner.

Onward and upward.  Hope everyone is happy and healthy.  Thanks for dropping by.

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