Sunday, May 18, 2014

Trip Planning

I have been trying to decide where to go, when to go and how long to go for the past three weeks since retiring.  I joke to the wife that the only thing I feel qualified to do is right a blog that nobody reads.  I can't seem to figure this out so I am looking for help from followers of this blog who travel.

How do you decide where to go?  When to go?  And how long you will be gone?  What about mail?  Bills?

I am looking at two different modes of travel.  One involves towing the trailer, the other involves travel by truck, hotels/motels and a lot of eating out.  Which would you choose and why?

Thanks in advance for your participation.


  1. I would not vote for hotels/motels unless I were going someplace where it's too far or impossible to drive, like Hawaii. Here are some the places that we have taken our motorhome: Black Hills, Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, pretty much all of California, Grand Circle tour, Las Vegas, and Death Valley. I suggest doing the last three when it's not hot weather. I didn't mention any of the Washington, Oregon, or Idaho destinations since you are from WA, but there are lots of good places in both states, as well as many wonderful destinations in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

  2. Ken, just get in the truck towing your trailer and start driving. Some of our most exciting trips have been unscripted. If you are not a Good Sam RV Club member, join now. We have been members since 1979 and use them for lots of insurance (RV coverage is like a homeowner's policy for your rig), roadside assistance (johnny on the spot for flat tire changes...speaking from experience unfortunately), part of Camping World so you get discounts there, and most importantly discounts at Good Sam RV Parks. During our last two long winter trips we have also used Good Sam Mail Forwarding that works like magic (well, almost, but it is web based). We have most of our bills set up for paperless billing and pay via our bank's web site. I didn't have to write but one check during our travels and that was to our vehicle insurance that came due just before we got back home.

    One of our best trips that we did in the past was to pick a highway (in our case it was Hwy 49 through the gold country in California) and start driving. You might want to find one that travels through several states through interesting territory...maybe Hwy 90? Hope you and Mia pick a fun trip for this summer.

  3. we would choose trailer and. truck...
    as for where to go..the Oregon coast is a good one....North Cascades Highway 20..and then two years ago we went to Montana..lots to choose from .and now that you are retired..well, you can just go when ever you want!! :)

  4. Cheryl and I have been traveling all over Washington State since we retired. We were set to go to Arizona last January, but I had surgery and we were unable to go. We plan to do that this year in January. We are leaving for the Oregon coast in 2 weeks, on that trip we will spend time on the coast the go to Petaluma Cal. where we can stay at the KOA and access San Francisco by ferry. After a week there we will go inland to Cheryls Aunt for a few days then home. in July we will be fishing at Lake Curlew in eastern Washington. I think the best way to go is with the trailer, it saves a fair amount of money, and lets you stay were you want. The girls like to travel with us and the trailer makes that affordable. We have our account set up to pay bills and I can access it with my phone. I travel out of my checking account and put enough in my savings to pay bills. IT has been great, once you start doing you will see how easy it is. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY