Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hiking And Driving

We got up pretty early this morning and the greeting from Mother Nature was fantastic.  You just can't wake up to a more beautiful morning when she is in all her glory.
After breakfast we put on our shorts, hiking boots and grab our gear and left the trailer behind as we went out to the Icicle Ridge Trail.  I had read about this trail and it sounded like it would be good for us.  1800 feet in 2.5 miles didn't seem like a lot on paper or in my mind.  It is obvious that there is something wrong with my mind.  Let me just say that the trail beat us this trip.  According to others we ran into we had made it a little more than half way up when my ego stepped out of the way and I was reminded that I still need to go back down.  We met several people who walk it daily so we were aware of where we were on the trail when we turned back.  It was beautiful and when I am in better shape we will be back.  I think Mia had a little left but I suspect she wouldn't have made it all the way either.

After returning to the trailer and having a bite of lunch we were off again.  This time we took a road trip through the fields around Leavenworth.  Then we went to Cashmere to get Mia's favorite candy, Aplets and Cotlets.  She was a happy camper.

The weather is changing.  We have heard that Seattle and the west side are getting enormous amounts of moisture.  Here on the east side of the mountains it is still nice, but getting cloudy and cooling down.  We are supposed to get rain overnight so we will see what Mother Nature will have for us tomorrow morning.

We had dinner and I went down by the river to take some more pictures.  All in all a very nice day with the girls.  We met some of the other campers in the park and enjoyed visiting.

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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