Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Hayseed 400

This is a semi annual event that my daughter and her best friend have attended for years.  We never have because of scheduling.  Being retired we can go have fun once in awhile.

My daughter's best friend is Marie and her husband Jason and a whole bunch of what some would call rednecks go over to the Roslyn area every six months for what is termed, "The Hayseed 400".  We arrived around 4:30 to a large piece of acreage with some really nice looking places around it.  It looked like the entrance to a race track.
There are several people camping in the yard with trailers, motorhomes, and tents.  Across the street is a very pastoral scene and I can't help wondering what they think of this semi annual event.
In front of the house is the pit area for the owner of the property and Jason's car.  Really the whole event comes down to these two guys.  I was told that it is pretty much a race between the two of them.
Jason's car is the Mustang on the right.  The other car next to the trailer is our host's, Aaron's, real dirt track car but it is out of service.  You can barely see Aaron's car at the garbage door.  These guys are here to have fun.

Our host is a construction supervisor who allows other folks who might be rednecks to come to his place for a weekend of fun and racing.  Of course the adult beverages flow freely and this being redneck country you are liable to see just about anything painted on these $500 wrecks that they race.  Both of these cars have seen several of these events and both competitors are concerned about whether or not they will last past this race.

There were several other competitors and neither Jason or Aaron won the race.  I have attempted to censor most of the rude stuff but Mia chose to ride along with Jason and it may not be suitable for all audiences.
Mia, wearing my hat, waves as Jason speeds by.  He took her around the muddy circle track several times and she had a ball.  It was cold as heck as the wind was blowing pretty bad and it didn't stop when the sun went down.  Here are some more pictures of the event.
Aaron sprays the spectators

Jason kicks up some dust

Other competitors


Just about anything can race


Art around the place

Huge after race bon fire

Zach hams it up

I did say anything

Even an all wheel drive Subaru Justy

Crazy people

There were 4 people riding along
They all were having fun and none of them were leaving the yard.  It was a kick to watch them cut loose and have some fun.  Unfortunately my camera battery dropped dead and I was unable to continue shooting.

Hope all is well.  Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. was this special event being filmed for the Red Green show