Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday, Rest and Visiting With Family

I awoke this morning to the sound of a shower on the roof of the trailer.  By the time (5:35am) I drug myself out of bed and went outside the shower had stopped and I was presented with Mother Natures morning.  You might be surprised to learn after looking at the picture below that there is bright sunshine all around me just one hour and forty five minutes later.
Last night I was having issues with the Blogger downloading my pictures.  I don't know if it was an issue with the Blogger or the KOA wireless but it was taking a long time to download.  This morning things seem to be a little faster so I thought I would put some more pictures on this blog and save it as a draft for later editing.

Yesterday afternoon we went out and drove a large loop around Leavenworth that took us through some smaller towns and the many apple orchards that dot the area.  My love of agriculture things has not diminished.

 As we rounded a corner in between orchards we saw what looked like an elk standing just below the tree line on a hillside above a farmhouse.  We were nearly a half mile, many more, away from the target.  I switched to telephoto and took this shot.  Unfortunately my telephoto lens is not a really expensive one with auto focus and stabilization.  It is a cheaper version with none of the above.  I also don't have a tripod and we were in a hazardous position on the road where getting out of the truck might not have been a real good plan.  I took the shot hoping for the best and this is the best I got.  Mia thought it was a statue but I am pretty sure head movement indicates life.  Anyway, it was an unexpected sighting.

After breakfast this morning we took off and headed down to the downtown park that runs between Leavenworth and the Wenatchee River.  It was overcast, cool and dripping a little bit but we decided to tough it out and go.  I am glad we did.  We ended up walking most of the trail, stopping and talking with dozens of other people (mainly dog owners) and just thoroughly enjoyed the weather as the sun began to sneak out and give us a nice walk.

As you can see Honey enjoys her walks.  She loves to peer over anything.  Logs, bridges, cliffs, the edge of the water.  It is even more fun if she catches a glimpse of something like a duck or chipmunk.  It is fun to have her along although it does tie your hands when want to shop or eat.

Our son and his family came to visit us and he told us all about his trip to China.  It sounds like it was a combination of the things he liked about his Japan trip and all the things he didn't enjoy during his trip to India.  It was really interesting to listen to some of the political stuff and the difference in perception regarding issues from the eastern verses western point of view.  As always our grandson was a joy and made sure he was the center of attention.  We really enjoyed the visit and having lunch with them at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Leavenworth,  Andreas Keller.

It is in the basement and they have a great staff and a wonderful menu of all things German.

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks for dropping by, it might be a couple of days before I update the blog as we are moving back to Gold Bar tomorrow.

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