Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back Home After A Week Of Fun In The Sun

It is a cooler, overcast morning here in the Pacific Northwest on this Saturday morning.  We arrived home from Gold Bar late yesterday morning and did some laundry and got ready for another road trip.  More on that later.

While in Gold Bar we enjoyed getting our lot further cleaned up and spent some time with the modification to the wall in the trailer.  I was able to cut away the part that I wanted gone and now I have to modify a piece of the old wall that I brought home to fit into an unexpected gap that we found.  The finish molding in trailers has a ridge running down the backside in the center to help hold it into the wall.  This requires a kerf cut in the stud that the molding is covering.  Unfortunately there was no kerf cut in the portion of the wall I cut off.  In fact, there was a big void with no stud in the lower area of my wall.  Fortunately I saved the old wall pieces and I have a section that can be modified and glued into the void to give me a place to put my molding.  Then I'll just cut it to length, insert it, nail down the end and presto the wall is gone and it looks like it was never there to begin with.  I can tell you from recent experience, it is much easier to get in and out of bed with that wall gone.

We did a lot of walking around the park and spent time enjoying the days.  I can't help but wonder what people are thinking when they buy into a property such as this and then just let it go to the weeds.  Take a look at the link below for an example.  There is a quality trailer on the lot that is worth at least $14,000 and the lot is big with a shed.  Most lots are going for $2 - $3,000 bare with no storage shed.  This lot should be $19,000.  Now they likely won't get that but $8,000 is a steal.  But look at the pictures.  Obviously they haven't been to the park in some time and both the lot and the trailer show the lack of attention.  How does one spend this much money in the beginning and let it sit and rot while paying dues.  There are other examples far worse that this one.  Units with trees growing from their roofs, that no one has been up to look at for decades and yet they continue to pay dues and do nothing about cleaning or disposing of the property.  I hope I never get to that stage.

Speaking of that, Tuff Shed arrived right on time Wednesday morning.  It was a sunny, warm morning when they showed up with promises of very warm temperatures by mid afternoon.  The promise came true but these guys were fantastic.  They worked steady for six hours and took a truck load of parts and turned them into my new barn style gazebo.
Truck load of parts

First, lay everything out

Metal floor joists, yes!

Up we go

Look, it's a box

Some rafters and trim

Felt and shingles

Presto, new building ready for paint
After the fellows cleaned up (everything left the lot with them) we sat down to Root Beer Floats that Mia made and discussed the process during the warranty term.  Pretty straight forward stuff.  We had some dinner and then it was time for Ken to grab a caulking gun and caulk all the seams and trim.  I spent the majority of the evening doing just that.  It was hot and I was off to a cool refreshing shower when I finished.  The pools weren't open yet or I would have bared this miserable excuse for  a body and jumped in.  Sadly they open this weekend and we are home.

We got up Thursday morning determined to get as much painting as possible done.  It was again hot and humid but we pressed on and managed to get everything but the front of the building in two coats of the primary color and one coat of the trim color.  We are going back this next weekend, Memorial Day, to finish the job but I think it came out really get.

A great new addition to our lot and it gives a whole much more options.

As for what happened last night.  See the next posting.  Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. that is a fine looking shed! love the barn red colour!!!!