Monday, May 5, 2014

Travel Day, Shed Ordered

It was a travel day and since I pretty much had everything done last night before I went to bed it was just a matter of getting up eating some breakfast, walking Honey, disconnecting the electric, water and cable and we were back on the road again.  While it wasn't raining when we left Leavenworth, as we  headed west on Highway 2 through downtown we could see some pretty ominous clouds sneaking over the foothills.  We made it to the rest stop 15 miles out of town before the rains came.  It was in the form of spring showers.  On and off again.  It was dark and dismal when we pulled into
Gold Bar but it didn't rain long enough for me to detach the trailer and set it up.

We then headed for the Home Depot store in Snohomish.  As I have said before we wanted to order a building that will act as a gazebo at our lot.  We ordered a Tuff Shed 10' X 10' X 11'7" with a transom window, two 3' X 2' windows in one of the walls, 20 square feet of loft, 8' of ridge vent, and the treated floor upgrade.  This a slick deal because 3 of the 5 options were free.  Tuff Shed builds about the bed shed I can find.  It sits on 2" X 6" galvanized steel floor joists.  The building costs a little more but everything is included, even delivery.  Based on previous experience the steel floor joists are worth the extra cost alone.  The picture below gives you and idea of the shape.  There will be a single 4" X 6" Door  and the windows will be in the black side wall.  No skylight or vent like depicted.  There will be pictures as the unit goes together some time before month end we are told.

The rest of the day is just that...the rest of the day.  We are doing nothing.  I am going to take our truck to the Chevrolet dealer to have the differential serviced tomorrow morning and I thought since tomorrow is the three week anniversary of my retirement, I would stop off and visit with the ex-boss on the way out and maybe wash the truck at the store.  I texted him and his response gave me a good laugh.  I won't publish what he said because who knows what might happen.

Hope everyone is well and thanks for stopping by.

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