Friday, May 2, 2014

KOA Customer Service And Day One In Leavenworth

We left Gold Bar before eight in the morning on Friday and headed over Highway 2 and the Stevens Pass area.  We stopped a few times along the way to just enjoy the day.  While at one of our stops I noticed the front tire on the driver side of the trailer seemed a little warmer than than the other.  Further inspection found that the tire was down several pounds in air pressure when compared with the other tires on the trailer so I got out my portable air compressor and decided to inflate it.

Easier said than done.  Upon further examination my portable compress has about enough hose and electrical connection to reach from the cab of the truck to the rear tires on the truck and certainly not the additional ten feet to the trailer tires.  Since this compressor uses a portable power source similar to a cigarette lighter (remember those?) I had to think for a moment to come up with one I could use. Our trailer has an emergency window on the driver side and right above that window is a power outlet, for God knows what, next to an additional outlet and connection for a second television in case we become to blind to see the one over the dinette more than half way across the trailer.  I removed the screen, opened the window, fed the electrical through to the power outlet and presto I had power for the compressor which did a nice job of inflating my low tire.  I missed it at the park because we park on gravel and it is hard to tell if a tire has an issue until you move the trailer and drive it a few miles.  Problem solved and we were back on the road to Leavenworth.

Upon arrival we went straight to the Safeway store so Mia could shop for the stuff we left home yesterday when we left for Gold Bar.  While she did that, I took Honey for a walk around the parking lot and took some pictures.
The KOA campground is called Pine Village and it is straight across from the Safeway on River Bend Road.  A very nice, rather large campground with many different configurations to suit just about anyone.  When making my reservation I noted that they have a dump site so I chose a site with water and electric and didn't really pay much attention to the picture of the site on line.  There was some confusion with my two night for the price of one coupon so the young lady manning the desk told me to go on into the site and come back later for the manager to take care of the charges.  She sent me to site T7 but when we got there, someone was occupying what appeared to be a tent site that certainly wasn't going to work for my 26' Nash.  I went back to the office and after some discussion and a guided tour of some of the lots with a very nice young lady (sorry, I didn't get her name) we decided on three different lots that looked like they would definitely work for us.  When we got back to the office we discovered that they were indeed available for the weekend so we set me up in a new site.

Since the manager still wasn't in, I would have to come back and check in.  We went to the site, set up the trailer, had some lunch and went out to take Honey for a short walk and investigate the site a little more.  They have all the goodies you could want.  Pool, hot tub, cable TV, internet, barbecue in each lot, showers, restrooms, game rooms and kids play area.  It is a very nice park and we were even happier when we learn our son and his family were coming to visit us on Sunday.  I went down to the office to check in and found another very nice young lady (sorry didn't get her name) who was the manager.  She knew about the coupon but had not set it up in the computer so that it would work for the girls at the desk.  We joked about how it worked when the first girl tried it.  It actually was going to let me camp for two nights and get $55.00 back.  But all was fixed and we got registered and paid the bill, which I don't feel was unreasonable at all for all the benefits.  These young ladies were absolutely fantastic and I made sure the manager knew it.

We went into Leavenworth and then up Icicle Road to see where we are going to hike tomorrow.  After driving several miles we determined that we were lost and turned around.  After arriving back at the trailer I discovered that we missed a turn off that was only 1.4 miles up the road.  I got some nice pictures.  Isn't nature wonderful.

Time for a nice quiet night.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.


  1. We have stayed at that KOA. Have fun!

  2. We love that drive up Icicle Creek Canyon! Have fun on your hike!