Friday, March 14, 2014

Down To 32 Days And A Day Off

We had three beautiful days of sunshine and mid to upper 50's and then my phone went berserk yesterday with warnings of flooding in Federal Way through Tuesday night.  I get up this morning and it is once again raining.  I doubt that Federal Way is in any serious threat of flooding since it is on a hill but I can see where we might have some issues getting up to Gold Bar this afternoon since we generally go through the valley along the Snoqualmie which has a habit of flooding during major rain events.  Right now it doesn't appear to be raining hard enough to cause issues but earlier this week I would not have attempted this route since the river did go over in several places.

I am up early to get ready to go to North Bend and get the tires installed, the truck aligned and an oil change.  Routine maintenance unless they find something else wrong.  While I am there I will purchase a dozen maple bars from one my all time favorite bakeries.  I don't know how long George's has been doing business but I love the maple bars and make a point of having at least one each time I visit this quaint little town.
Then we will be off to Gold Bar to visit our lot and see what the winter weather has done to the place.  Since the park rules state you can not modify the size of your lot we are required to get a permit anytime we might do something that could enlarge the lot.  The park sees the addition of gravel as a possible way to increase your foot print so they require we get a permit so they can inspect before and after to make sure there are no modifications.  Not a problem for me.

After our visit with the lot I will go down to the local gravel yard and investigate the available gravel sizes and specs before making my final decision on which one to order.

This is bring us closer to getting everything done so we can actually retire.  My next task is to get down the Social Security and get set up with part B Medicare.  I guess I sort of messed up when I used the online site to sign up for Social Security.  I signed up to begin getting payments and failed to notice that I should have signed up for part B at the same time.  Unfortunately I can't access that part of the site to register and have been told to contact the Social Security office.  Phone can take for ever and from what my grandson tells me the Social Security office is a snap.  He had no trouble when he went to get a new Social Security card a couple of weeks ago so I think I'll just drive down and handle it on Monday.

I am hoping, weather permitting, to get the trailer uncovered and down to Camping World for the new tires, wheel pack and possible inverter this coming week.  Once that is done and the gravel is laid down I can move the trailer to the park and start looking forward to a couple of weeks of decompression after our retirement April 15th.  We are moving on to beans and rice.

There is a RV show in the Tacoma Dome the weekend after this and a buddy of mine from work and I are going to see if we can find him a RV.  He wants to travel as well and wants some help trying to decide what to buy.  I told we would go look at the possibilities.

Hope to see you down the road, real soon.

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