Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 Days Left And…….

With 21 days left I best be getting my act together.  The trailer went to Sumner RV yesterday where it will spend a pleasant week getting all kinds of things done to it.  The folks down there were very busy and I told them they had all the time they needed.  Seems they sold a bunch of merchandise at the Tacoma Spring RV Fair that I attended on Sunday.  But first, let us back up to Saturday.

As I have told you my grandson, Zach, works with me on Saturdays doing odd jobs around the parts department and learning and hoping to have at least a part time job when I leave.  We visited with the owner in the early morning and he gave Zach a special project to do outside the items I already had planned for him.  It took him nearly all of the morning and he was sitting at my desk when I snapped a picture of the "future manager in training".
Moving on….as I said in an earlier post I planned to attend the Spring RV Show in the Tacoma Dome with a co-worker who is looking to make a first time purchase.  He backed out, but I couldn't help myself and I took off to the show to see what is new in RV land.

I have to tell you that I wasn't too impressed with the available selection.  I was surprised to see an 18' trailer with a bigger kitchen outside than it had inside.  I guess my question would be, why two kitchens on an 18" trailer?  Didn't the old teardrop mini trailers have one kitchen, outside?  The high end seems to be where the quality stuff is at.  The low end is just that, the low end.  Obviously the materials used in the low end are not the same standard as the upper end but it seems to me that it has gotten cheaper when you look at the low end and a lot more expensive when you consider the high end.  And they seem to be much darker inside, especially the more expensive units.

Our trailer has a couch in a position that makes it damned near impossible to get out of the bedroom area.  There is a wall behind it and very little room between the bed and the wall.  We got this particular model because we didn't want to deal with slides and have since found dealing with the couch to be a pain.  It is a jack knife style couch and it isn't very comfortable.  I am actually considering  removing it and the wall and putting in a couple easy chairs.  We'll see after I investigate the possibilities.  Perhaps I will choose to get rid of the dining area or both.  Mia suggested that there should be a trailer manufacturer who just provides the shell for you to fill up.  Sounds like a better idea to me.

Some of the couches that looked like they might be more comfortable than ours.  The last one is tossed in so you have an idea of what we are dealing with in the current configuration.

So onward and upward, I perused all of the offerings and here are pictures of some of the stuff I saw.

Something I noticed on the bigger more expensive units is the use of a dark tinted exterior glass that looks to be just that, glass.  A single sheet of tinted glass against a weatherstrip.  I heard a salesperson say they were 30% more efficient than the older style windows.  I really wonder about that.  Here is a couple of pictures of the set up.  Look 30% more efficient to you?

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  1. I think Mia's idea of being able to buy a trailer shell is genius. The perfect layout always seems to elude us.