Sunday, March 23, 2014

23 Actual Days Left

After a long day at work yesterday, Zach and I came home and removed the cover from the trailer to see how it survived the winter.  Other than some dust on the roof and green on the propane tank cover we have no issues.  It is clean and looking good.

I am off to the Tacoma Dome later this morning to join a friend of mine as he looks at all the new RV's available at the Spring RV Show.  It should be interesting to see his reaction when he experiences interiors that are bigger and better looking than his home.  I will take pictures and follow his adventure for a future blog post.

The afternoon will be spent and my sons enjoying a family birthday party for our other grandson, James.  I really enjoy getting together with the family, whatever the reason but birthday parties are fun if your not the person the party is for.  I had a 50th birthday party but skipped the 60th party.  I am thinking it would be nice to have a 70th.

Tomorrow morning it is off to Covington to pickup the trailer and take it to Sumner RV for some needed maintenance.  I was going to use Camping World but Sumner RV is where I bought it and they are actually able to perform the same services for slightly less that the big chain and I like helping out the local guy.  The bearings will be packed and tires replaced.  The trailer is a 2010 making the tires almost 4 years old.  Rather than have issues I am having them replaced.  There is some weather cracking in the sidewall so I want to make sure.  It is recommended that tires be replaced on a trailer every 4 years so the timing is good.  In the future the wheels on this trailers will be going round and round but for the first 4 years the trailer has not moved much.  We took three trips and other than that it has sat at Gold Bar or Covington.  Not a good thing for tires.  So we replace them.

I have 23 total days left and I have tried everything I can to get out early but it isn't happening.

Have fun


  1. We just bought a Nash 24M--our first trip will be in June where we'll be at Steamboat Rock SP. Which cover do you use for your trailer--we're thinking we'll purchase one but there are so many choices out there. 23 days--hooray!!

    1. ADCO universal cover from Camping World. They usually have them on sale in September. You made a good selection on your trailer. I love the Nash line. Ours does not have a slide and the couch in inconveniently placed at the foot of the bed across the trailer making it very difficult to get around the bed. I am thinking about removing it and the wall behind it.

  2. can't believe you only have 23 days left!!! lucky!!