Wednesday, March 26, 2014

20 Days Left And Something That Might Just Work

While I was at the Spring RV Show at the Tacoma Dome I ran into a gentleman from Ellensburg with a product that might meet my expectations.
I have been searching for an inexpensive way to change out the lights inside the trailer with LED lighting.  Since we expect to be off line (no electrical hookup) often we need things that will save us the precious limited electricity that comes from our solar charged batteries.  I have checked Camping World as well as other outlets online and brick and mortar and had come to the conclusion there was no inexpensive way to swap out the lights.
These little jewels can run as much as $30.00.

Enter the LED light bulb conversion kit.  $13.95 and it comes with connectors, wiring and flat bulb for most any 1156 bulb replacement inside an RV.  I haven't installed it yet, but the difference in lighting that I saw at the show was amazing and I will be using a mere 1 amp compared to 3 amps.
Merely replace your current bulb with one of the adapters with harness to plug into the LED module,  peel the back off the module and press it against the top of the light fixture.  I purchased the one that has 48 little lumina in it.  I certain hope it will light my way.

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  1. those LED lights can be very pricey but worth it in the end..especially when it comes to battery power and better lighting!

  2. I buy my LEDs from Amazon. 2 bulbs for $6.00 is about the best price I've found.