Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Magic Number is 37

As of today we have 37 more days (23 actual work days) remaining before move on to the next stage of life.

Next Friday I am having new tires installed on the truck and an alignment as well as an oil change at our Chevrolet facility in North Bend and then Mia and I will drive up to see what winter has done to the lot at Gold Bar.  I have to get a permit and visit the local gravel yard to get some gravel dumped on the lot so we can level it and make it a little deeper.  When we first put gravel on the lot we purchased some unwashed small gravel from a local yard and we have not been happy with it.  I am now looking at some 3/4" washed gravel…no sand.  I think this will work out much better.

I plan to get the trailer out of wraps some time the beginning of next week and tow it to Camping World in Fife for new tires (they are too old by date) and get the wheel bearings packed.  Then I will tow it up to Gold Bar and get it set for the spring camping time.  I have to go to Camping world tomorrow to set up the appointment and purchase some replacement and new items for our travels.  I need to find a good portable inverter that can charge phones, kindles and laptops while we drive down the road.  At night we will camp outside connected camp areas so we'll need everything powered to make it to the following morning.

Once we retire on the 15th of next month I suspect both Mia and I will want to spend some time at Gold Bar just decompressing.  At least that is my plan.

We'll be here for Zach's graduation and then off on the first trip of the new stage of life.

Hope to see you down the road, soon.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan...can't wait to read of your new adventures.