Sunday, March 25, 2012

New High Speed Stuff

Looks like Tuesday will be the day we finally step into the high speed, smart phone world that we have ignored until now.
We'll start with dumping TMobile in favor of Verizon and two Samsung Stratosphere phones with text, data and phone capabilities. The link below takes you to the Verizon details. Can't figure out how to cut and paste pictures off websites using the command C for my MAC.

Then I went to Best Buy today to get the necessary stuff to dump ClearWire and hook up to Comcast cable internet. A new modem and router are required. I got a Motorola Modem and a NetGear router. The router has superior encryption to our current system. So looking forward to faster downloads and actually watching some videos as the load. And internet TV....

Yeah for me...

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  1. yeah for you and the new gadgets!!..always a learning curve but good to learn something new!