Monday, March 19, 2012

The Plans of Mice and Men

Got the brackets attached to the wall in the appropriate place only to learn that they are not strong enough to hold the screen. They bent immediately and sent the screen to the floor. So it is back to the drawing table.

Spent some time with Verizon and Comcast today. It appears they have gotten into bed together and are giving some pretty interesting options for high speed internet access as well as two new smart phones for Mia and I.

I have a couple of more questions but from what I can tell after I cancel all our other systems, it will only cost forty or fifty dollars a month more, for a whole lot more access.

Took Honey for a walk this afternoon and spent some time with her and my camera. This is a face a mother (if we knew who she was) would love....


  1. yes a face a mother or father would of course fall in love with!..Honey is lucky to have found you and Mia!

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