Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Kind Of Traveling Companion It That?

We took Honey for a short (85 mile) ride in the backseat of the Silverado and while everything seemed to be going well, apparently there is an underlying issue.

She spent the entire trip in the back seat on a blanket. She prepped the blanket and then laid down for a majority of the trip. Only once or twice did she attempt to get into the front seat. Both times she was told no and she settled into the back seat. She seemed to be okay with that and laid her head down but didn't sleep.

When we got to our destination we found that she had upchucked all over the passenger side of the back seat and of course the blanket wasn't covering the area. I cleaned as best I could and when we got home later in the day I tried to finish the job but it appears to be stained and she had managed to upchuck again. The second dose was on the blanket she was laying on and wasn't quite as big as the first batch.

So what kind of traveling companion is she going to be?


  1. Maybe it's being in the backseat -- Honey may have to have a carsickness pill...poor baby!

  2. Your pet may need more practice or it may have been something it was going to do regardless... Make sure Honey does not eat any grass before any trip. Good luck

  3. just take her on short trips first...she will just need to get use to riding in the car!..Tucker threw up on his way home from the we know all about it..and now he loves to travel and is a very good passenger!

  4. I think they eventually get used to traveling in the car, but maybe get a hard sided carrier/crate and put her blanket inside and let her ride in that. Hopefully she won't upchuck in the crate, but if she does, it will be contained and easily cleaned up.

    My parents had a little dog that never stopped getting carsick, and they traveled every weekend to their "cabin in the woods." They got pills from the vet, and gave them to the dog before every trip, and that took care of the problem.

    Good luck! :)