Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday

Well, for some of you it is Friday. I am scheduled to work tomorrow so my Friday is tomorrow and today is Thursday. It is all so confusing. Some changes in personnel in my department have given me an opportunity to participate in counter work and I really enjoy it. One of the reasons I got into the parts business is because I enjoy interacting with people. But people can be difficult at times. Occasionally we get the person who might not be particularly happy on the given day that their vehicle decided to cause them an issue and regardless of how hard you try you can't make it better for them. I empathize with them and try to get them to feel better but sometimes it just doesn't work. And sometimes the customer thinks we are the reason they are having an issue with their car and they decide to attack us. It is hard to not be defensive it these situations. But, I still enjoy working the counter and it looks like I will have an opportunity to do so for a few more weeks.

I have staggered days off next week so I will not get too much accomplished on Sunday. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can de-winterize the trailer and start visiting the park on the weekends. Yesterday I awoke to snow falling, followed by the sun coming up and a cold but sunny day. This morning things are once again frozen and I can't yet tell what the day will bring. It was nice to see the sun yesterday and I hope it plans to stay around for a couple of more days.

Have fun out there. For now my focus must be work, but I can't help but look forward to the day (1103 from now) when Mia and I will begin to seriously prepare for our road trips.

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