Monday, March 19, 2012

Mid March....Really?

I have today off and had a list of projects that I wanted to get done. I got up and looked outside and found it is very white (frozen) and only 36 degrees. This is a picture of what I can see from my new computer desk in our spare room. So nice to be able to look out upon the world.

I mentioned a new computer table. I had been sitting at the dinning room table using up eating space but yesterday we picked up this student desk at a local office supply and it is a perfect place for me and my MAC....
One of my projects involves a can of this:

And two of these:
Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will reach the mandatory 50 degrees required.

Today I hope to get to T Mobile to see if I have any further contractual obligations, then Verizon to see what they can offer me, and on to Comcast to get rid of our old wireless and get something much faster. It should be an interesting adventure.

Then back to the projects. I am waiting for Mia and Honey to come home from their morning walk so I can see how high she wants this screen off the floor. I have some brackets made and drilled that will hold it up on the wall behind the couch.

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