Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weddings and Football

Yesterday my wife and I attended the wedding of the son of a very close family friend. My son has been friends with the groom since we moved in next door to his family when he was four. His family became very close friends and I suspect they are a good portion of the reason we have a lot at Gold Bar. They had been there for years and kept trying to get us to join them. When the kids were young it was a fun family place. The wedding was wonderful and we wish the bride and groom the very best for years to come. It was a very long day for me as I was up at 2am to go to work and start the process of ending the month of September.

Unfortunately the Huskies had to play a late game yesterday. The wedding started at four and so did the game. Luckily others attending the wedding had various types of wi-fi phones and I was able to keep pretty good tabs on the game as it progressed. The Huskies came out victorious and are now 4-1-0. Very happy numbers if you are a Husky fan. Week after next my grandson, son and I will attend the Colorado game at the old Husky stadium for last time. Next year Husky stadium will be redone and the Huskies will play in the Seahawk stadium in the Sodo district of Seattle.

As a sports fan of a baseball team that has seen its share of ups and downs I have to somewhat sympathise with the fans of the Boston Red Sox team now officially eliminated for the run to the World Series for 2011. At least THEY made it to the playoffs. You should hear the banter about the Mariners here in Seattle. The manager of our team says he is "confident of the future of the Mariner organization". Where have I heard this before? Oh well, as most baseball fans will say, "there is always next year".

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