Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friend and Phones

Well our friend is still in ICU at our local hospital and not doing much better that she was when we last visited her last Sunday. My better half visited her earlier to day and was heartsick as she explain our friends condition to me when I got home tonight. It is so sad.

We are hoping to take a trip to Gold Bar this weekend to winterize the trailer, clean off the roof and put the big vinyl cover over it. I hope Zach is able to come with us.

So, I have a question regarding mobile smart phones. I have a regular cell phone and don't text. I was looking at getting a smart phone that allows internet access and supplies a hot spot. What phones are you using? What carrier are you with? What is your month bill? Do you like your phone and carrier?

Have a great day.....


  1. we have Iphones but we are from them..Rogers is our carrier..and the bill for about $140 a month..great coverage...and I just love my Iphone!!..if someone can love an inanimate object!!

  2. Dave and I each have a Samsung Fascinate (Droid). We use Verizon and the internet part of the calling package costs anywhere from $25 to $65 for each phone. We pay for Mifi on his phone, but not on mine. We really like the phones and they were easy to learn to use. Not only can we use email and internet on the phone, we can also tether them to our computers and use them that way, and it doesn't eat into for 5G limit for the Mifi. Dave uses a program called "Tether" and I use Pdanet. As long as we have a bar or two of cell service, we are good to go!