Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have loved music since I was a kid. My mother used to love to listen the classical music and especially loved to listen to MALE (not females) tenor singers. She had an expression for female singers that wasn't very nice and I really don't think I should post in on a family oriented blog.

I learned to listen to everything. I enjoyed classical and even took up the Viola in junior high. I enjoyed (still do) singing and stood in front of an audience and sang "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" in a grade school talent show. I sang in the school choirs and during church (when we went). I should tell you....I can't sing for beans. When I was younger (grade school) I had a high voice and could carry a tune but I never invested much time in studying or learning to sing. Did I stop, hell no. Ask my family, I still sing even though most agree, I can't. But I love the music...I really love the music. All kinds of music. I can listen to pop, rock, country, some rap, classical, classics, instrumental, blues, jazz and the list goes one. I love to sing along to a lot of different songs and I have always loved the singers who sing for the song and the singing. Those that use glitz, explosions, lights and all the extra stuff that fills stadiums doesn't really get me going. There are a few artists who do all this stuff that I do enjoy but I believe in the end they are truly in it for the music and the showmanship comes when they have to pay all those bills for all the equipment and people that move around the country with them.

I know, get to the point. Well my wonderful wife and I watched a movie the other night and I was impressed. Even though movie got stinky reviews and didn't do well in the box office it serve to remind me of times gone by. I am speaking of "Country Strong" a movie where a singer doesn't sing and the actors do. The acting is really thin but the story brought back some memories and made me remember that it used to be for the music. I really think that Gwyneth Paltrow was an alcoholic singer that has long forgot why she is doing what she does. Ms. Paltrow has a wonder voice. I offer this link as proof. She sings with Vince Gill at the 2010 CMA Awards Show.

But I digress as usual. What reminded me of the singer, his instrument and the music was a co star played by Garrett Hedlund. He plays a singer who is in it for the music and just enjoys singing in the bars and dives with no glitz. He gets roped into going on tour but is never really happy with decision. But the music he sings reminds me of singers gone by. Those that sit in a small auditorium and with their guitar in hand, make personal music for their audience. Don Williams, Ed Bruce (he was in Country Strong and didn't sing), Waylon Jennings, Bonnie Riatt, Bob Dylan, Sinatra just to name a few. Anyway, here is Garrett singing in the movie.

I love music...sorry to bore you to death with this stuff.

Off to do errands, clean up and go to a wedding..

Have a great Saturday


  1. That was an interesting post--not boring at all to me. I'll have to watch that movie. I like most forms of music, especially classical. Our son, who was trained in classical vioin, now plays electric bass with a Skat group, That music I'm having a hard time getting into!

  2. I didn't think it was boring either. I LOVE music - almost anything except rap and hip hop which I personally don't consider to be music (JMO). As a child, I can remember many family sing alongs and my dad playing just about any instrument he could lay his hands on. Music has a way of sinking into your soul and making a strong bond of memories.

  3. Carol, I went to the website and listened to some of their stuff. It is very good. They have taken skat singing from folks like Ella Fitzgerald and Cab Calloway and thrown in some Rock acoustic to make an interesting sound. It is a very interesting form of music that I imagine is pretty loud in person something like rock and like some other forms of music the vocals are hard to understand over the instruments. But once you get the hang of it, it is fun.

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  5. Music is a swinging door to the soul. K