Sunday, October 9, 2011

John Denver

I just watched a PBS special on John Denver, the man, his life and music. Of all the singers that I really enjoy, I think I miss him the most. I could truly connect with what he had to say about the environment and the world we share.

Here is a link to a 1974 version of Rocky Mountain High....most everyone recognizes the song as soon as someone starts to play the opening guitar lick.


  1. Yes, his music was special and I still enjoy listening to it. I was lucky to be able to see John Denver in concert at my college one year in the early seventies.

  2. Miss his music too -- he left way too soon!

  3. I love(d) John Denver! Have all of his LP's... Actually touched his arm once as he came into a concert, but was briskly brushed aside by security!

    I have been known to sing Almost Heaven, West Virginia all the way across the state when we travel across the narrow part of it!

    He was truly a treasure. I've watched the program you speak of several times! I'm thankful PBS shows it, but don't need to buy the things they offer... He lives on in my heart! Christmas with the Muppets is played every year when I decorate!

    It's almost the anniversary of his death... 10/15...

    Thanks for making me think of him today!

  4. Loved the music of John Denver...well still do actually.

  5. take me home country road!!..that is the only line I remember!!

  6. Thanks for the reminded of one of the greats.