Sunday, October 23, 2011

Updates And What's Up

First of all, let me tell you that our good friend seems to have overcome whatever landed her in the ICU of our local hospital. She has been taken off the machines and moved to a room down the hall. While she is really weak, she has got to be better off that she was the past couple of weeks. The doctors have run several tests and really can give a conclusive answer as to why she ended up in ICU in the first place.

We started the weekend with grand plans to go to Gold Bar and winterize our trailer. We left Saturday morning after picking up our grandson. He went along to give me a hand with the projects that needed to be done. Unfortunately I awoke at 3AM Saturday morning and could not go back to sleep, so by the time I drove to Gold Bar, all I wanted was something to eat and a short nap. I got both.

After my nap and during a fairly heavy rain squall, Zach and I went outside to get some work done. The plans included having the trailer dry enough to install a cover we bought from Camping World last year. I got up on a ladder to inspect the roof and found it covered with leaves and pine needles. So I got out all of my instruments for washing the trailer and proceeded to clean the roof as well as the rest of the unit. While I was doing that, Zach busied himself cleaning the leaves of the gravel on the lot pad with a leaf blower. I washed the whole trailer and rinsed it. We put away all the stuff we got out and went into the trailer just before dark. I was pretty wet.

It continued to rain through the night. We watched some of the Husky/Stanford game and realized it wasn't in the cards for the Huskies. At 8PM PBS was showing an old movie from the Thin Man series so we sat down to watch it. Released in 1936 it starred William Powell and Myrna Loy as a couple who wise crack their way though a murder investigation. Absolutely one of my favorite series from the early days of movies. This series was done before I was born, the last one being done the year I was born, however, I noticed my teenage grandson laughed just as much as I did and in the very same places. I thought that was interesting.

It continued to rain through the evening and in fact rained so hard at one point, we had to turn the TV up so we could hear it over the noise on the roof. I went to bed hoping it would be sunny in the morning.

We awoke to no sun in the morning so we emptied the hot water heat, turned off the propane, emptied the tanks, disconnected the hoses, filled everything with antifreeze, set up the dehumidifier, open all the cabinets, removed the paper and laundry and closed it up. We didn't install the cover because it was still too wet. We came home and it has been sun shining ever since.

We went to visit our friend in the hospital, checked out the Verizon store (really confused now)
and came home to have some dinner and enjoy the rest of our Sunday.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
Take care out there..


  1. busy busy busy is what you were!!..nice to have the winterizing chores done!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Cynthia is doing better. How scary to end up in ICU and not know what happened. It sounds like you had a productive weekend despite the rain.

    Hang in there with your phone search. You'll eventually find something that will work for you. My daughter-in-law has the Verizon HTC Incredible cell phone and really likes it. It's not so much about which phone is best, it's more about which one will do all that you need at an affordable price! Are you eligible for an upgrade? You can also buy phones at Best Buy, so that may be another place to go and get some more (confusing) information. :)