Sunday, October 9, 2011


I know I have said it before and I really don't like NFL football but I am having football withdrawals because the Huskies, my favorite college team, had the weekend off. So the wife and I just came back from doing our Sunday errands and while waiting for lunch to get ready I have turned on the second half of the Seahawk football game. They are playing the New York Giants in the Meadowlands. And they have turned the ball over several times and now it appears that their quarterback has gone to the sideline and doesn't look promising for a quick return.

Went to Camping World to get a couple of items, visited Costco for another pumpkin pie and did our weekly shopping while we were out. Planning Chicken ala King with rice for dinner.

It is just after noon and with this much afternoon left I have some projects to work on. I need to measure the base around the new wood floor Zach and I installed last year. I found the baseboard I want to use and just need to figure out how much product I need.

Then there is the fog light install on the truck which needs to be finished by installing some supports, wiring and a switch. A little much for the afternoon since you can't depend on everything going exactly as planned.

I still have a couple of outdoor chairs that need some finish detail sanding and while we were out shopping I bought the Teak Oil I'll be using once I finish with the gritty stuff.

Think I'll just enjoy the game and head downstairs.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for dropping by.

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