Thursday, July 23, 2015

Running For The Board

As in the past our non profit RV park in Gold Bar is seeking candidates to run for the Board of Directors.  This small (1209 space) park needs members in good standing to step up and put their names in the hat for three (3) upcoming, open positions.  After much consideration I have decided to put my name in the hat to see what happens.

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board many years ago so I have a clue as to the time required.    Since I am retired I felt I would have the time to invest in the future of the organization.  I bring lots of customer relations, human resources, and financial management experience to the table and I really have no agendas other than maintaining the fiscal responsibility of the park while creating and developing short and long term goals.

We are home until Sunday.  I was going to stay in the park while Mia came home but I thought the better of it when I remembered the parks 30 day rule.  You can only stay in the park for 30 consecutive days before you must leave for a 24 hour period.  This is in addition to the rule that only lets you use the park for 270 out of a year.  The conditional use permit provided to the park by the county sets the rules regarding the use.  So I came home as well, so we don't end up with a violation of the days of use.

So far today, I have filled out the application for the Board and voted in our local county elections.
My next project is to come up with the dates and plan our trip that I described in an earlier blog.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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