Friday, July 24, 2015

Being Connected

Many blogs ago I warned of the coming of the connected vehicle.  We all love to be connected to the Internet and our family and friends through social media as many of us check our android and I phones before we brush our teeth.  Many people are overwhelmed by the shear amount of email and posts on social media.

Enter a report in US News about hackers targeting smart cars.  Can they in fact hack into your vehicle as  you drive down the road?  The article states, "Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valaskek recently illustrated the threat of hackers accessing a smart car by remotely controlling a Jeep Cherokee driven by a reported from Wired, who later documented the experience."  These folks were able to gain access to the Jeep's computer network which allowed them to control the steering, brakes and transmission while the reporter was driving.

Google is currently testing driver less vehicles which one would assume is using some combination of GPS and wireless Internet to navigate our roadways.  I used to worry about the possible drunk driver crossing the center line and causing an accident with me or my family.  Now I worry about a hacker sitting in his underwear at home accessing mine or some other smart car and wreaking havoc.

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