Friday, July 17, 2015

Peace and Quiet

It is early Friday morning as I sit here looking outside while my coffee is brewing.  It appears that we will have another beautiful day here at the trailer and the weekend looks very promising with temperatures in the mid eighties.  This follows a couple of overcast days that produced some drizzle but not enough to make the current fire danger go away.

Wednesday afternoon I smelled smoke like brush burning.  I turned on the fire scanner that I have installed on my Android phone and listened to our local fire company as they worked a 20’ by 20’ brush fire just a quarter of a mile away from the park.  They were using two tenders to provide water since they were out of reach of any hydrants.  Shortly after I started to listen the dispatch called out a fully involved residential fire somewhere in Monroe, WA.  From the sound of the units responding the place was up a dirty driveway on a hillside and very hard to reach.  No hydrants brought the call for tenders to assist.  When dispatch told the commander that the first four tenders on the call list were unavailable he told her that they were in a “defensive posture.”  Another words keep the fire from spreading and let it burn.  Too bad someone’s house had to burn down for lack of water but that is what happens in this area so many times.  Just didn’t realize it was possible that close to a major town.

We haven’t done much since coming home from our long trip except continue to thank God we left the east coast when we did.  Weather conditions have not improved in many of the areas that we visited.  Flood and tornados are rampant.

I am planning another trip that will start in Washington State and travel up into Canada make a loop and come back via Montana and Idaho.  It is a 280-mile scenic trip that appears to be loaded with miles of natural wonders and small towns.  I am thinking late August, early September after we move back to the condo.


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Today we have some shopping to do and if things go well and the weather turns out the way I think it will perhaps a hike to Barclay Lake a few miles farther east up Highway 2.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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