Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Peace and Quiet Have Returned

The three day weekends can be difficult and loud in the park but not this past holiday.  While fireworks went off outside the park for a couple of hours it was very quiet the remainder of the time.  In fact, we suspect that because the actual holiday was on a Saturday most of our members just chose to stay home and not even come up for the weekend.  I am told there were around 6500 people in the park on Memorial Day but we were lucky to have 2500 this past weekend.  There are 1200 sites in the park so it was pretty obvious that many folks didn't show up.  Even 2500 can cause issues with traffic, dust, overloaded swimming pools and a little too much noise late into the evening.

But they have all left leaving the live-ins and the folks who are, like us, spending their summer here.  After dinner last night we went to the pool and bobbed around with some of the live-ins who use the facilities on a regular basis.  As I sit here this morning, it is once again quiet and peaceful with the birds chirping in the distance as the sun rises over the hills that surround the area.  Today is Taco Tuesday at La Hacienda in Gold Bar.

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