Monday, February 10, 2014

64 Days, But Who Is Counting

Me…I am counting.  Unfortunately I may not have the opportunity to leave quite as quickly as I had hoped.  With a little over two months to go we still do not have replacement parts personnel for two open positions on the counter.  We have commitments but no bodies.  My replacement and I have been working a lot of hours trying to just stay on top of the business leaving very little time to teach him anything.  One of our commitments should start sometime next week but he has no experience as a counter person so we will be training him from scratch.  Obviously he will not be ready to be alone on the counter for sometime to come.

Our other commitment hasn't given notice that I know of so we are still up in the air.  He is experienced and can run the counter with very little help on most days.  One day that is an issue is Saturday and it appears I maybe roped into working the Saturday shift until we can train the new guy to handle it alone.  The one with experience has already been told he won't have to work Saturday that often.  Not what I would have done but it is too late now.  I don't mind staying on a couple of months if all I am doing is working the 10 hour Saturday shift.  I figure it should be worth $$$ for me to get up and go in on Saturday.  We'll see.

I told the boss that I had restarted the countdown and told him to save his money and not bother with a party or any send off.   I was trying to get him to pop for a new truck but he laughs every time I say something so I suspect I have a better chance of winning the Lotto.

Mia and I are investigating the rather convoluted Medicare program and are trying to figure out just how much it will cost and what kind of supplemental we will need.  We currently have Group Health and really don't see any reason to change but trying to find out the benefits and costs is like pulling teeth.  I guess we will be reworking the budget tonight.  I certainly hope this doesn't mean I have to work longer….

Ready to leave in Seattle.

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