Thursday, February 13, 2014

61 Days And, Really? Obama

So there are 61 days left and I went back to work today although I likely should have stayed home.  I still feel like crud, eyes hurt, hair hurts, head aches and lots of muscles in pain.  Since this is bacterial I can't pass it on to some unsuspecting sold like I could with a common virus.  Sadly it must run its course and run it is.

Yesterday while suffering the pangs of this stuff I watch Obama announce that Federal Contractors must now pay their employees $10.10 per hour up from the current federal minimum wage of $7.25.  That is a nice hike that will be added to the contractors bid and be paid by, wait for it….you and me.  I don't deny that living on $7.25 isn't easy to do.  That works out to roughly $15,077 for an annual salary with no deductions or overtime.  $10.10 per hour works out to $21,003 with no deductions or overtime.
There is no way anyone can raise a family on either one of these.  So I will not say it isn't deserved but it makes me wonder about a company that would pay $7.25 to employee for any kind of work unless tips are involved.


  1. I think minimum wage is normally considered entry level, like kids in school, college kids, first jobs, etc. Maybe someone earning a second income or going back to work part time to add a little income to the family budget. In my younger days, everyone started out that way and shared apartments and the rent. Or people were married and there were two incomes. Or lots of people had two jobs. Or kids were still living at home and saving for enough money to go out on their own. Remember those days? I don't really have an opinion about the rise in minimum wage, but it would be nice if more people were able to make some sacrifices for their own lives and not expect everyone else to pay for their entry level salaries from the income they've worked years to earn. Well, that sounds like I DO have an opinion, but really, I don't $10.10 is fine with me, and some states, like California, already pay more than the Federal minimum wage. :)

  2. Perhaps minimum wage should be tied to CPI.

  3. Glad its been raised.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.