Wednesday, February 12, 2014

62 Days

I spent yesterday between sleep and pain.  I started taking the antibiotics but as the Physician Assistant told me it is unlikely that they will make any immediate change in my condition.  I can see that now as I awake with my face in about as much pain as I was feeling yesterday and my overall ability to navigate hindered by the whacked out feeling in my head.  This is not a fun thing to have this close to my retirement.  Sitting here at the computer is far safer than attempting to drive to work.  I was told it could take up to a month to get rid of all the symptoms.

The good news is we have bodies coming the 24th.  Both parties have committed to that start date so we will be doing a little better after that date.  I have to admit that I wasn't expecting to work this many hours or this hard just before retirement.  I had it in my head that I could work with my replacement and  leave the counter work to the counter people.  Who knew we would be so short handed for such a long

The unemployment numbers are still hovering around 7% and you would think that you would get people willing to work to apply but no, ads run but there doesn't seem to be an qualified people applying.  Once in a great while you get someone with experience or some automotive knowledge that would be trainable but they want to make scads of money to start and expect to be paid top dollar after a year of work with benefits like those they see at Amazon or Google.  We don't have those types of benefits and we pay well for beginning people with some automotive knowledge, good attitude and integrity.  Unfortunately most young folks don't play with cars like we did and attitude and integrity is being lost.

You can make a decent living in the back side of the local automotive dealership if you work and try to better yourself.  You won't get it without work.  There are Parts and Service Managers who make six figures to deal with customers, dealers, employees and manufacturers.  It is a tough job but can be a very rewarding one if you surround yourself with people who are on the same bus going in the same direction.  But then, that can be said of the dealer principal as well.  If he has a vision and surrounds himself with a good management team, good things are possible.  One bad apple can ruin the barrel.

Enough, I need to take a nap.  This was too much thinking for my aching head.

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