Sunday, February 16, 2014

58 Days And K Kups

I decided to purchase a Keurig Single cup coffee maker several weeks ago and I couldn't be more happy with the results.  I have a larger version and home and recently purchased the one pictured above for our trailer…goodbye Mr. Coffee.  I purchased several different brands of K Kups from Keurig since they give you a really good offer with the purchase of a unit.  Once you register you new unit you get a coupon number giving you two free packs with the purchase of two packs.

The local newspaper was discussing this rage and the effects that it will have on the environment.  Apparently these K Kups don't disappear well in the local landfills.  Made of plastic they live on and on.  I will use up the ones I have but I won't be buying any more of these little plastic hazards.  Instead I will purchase the adapter that allows you to make your own Kup.  You put your brand of coffee in it and brew.  It is just as good as the Kup and much, much cheaper

I had to work yesterday and didn't get the opportunity to see the U.S.A./Russia Hockey game.  I understand it was tightly played game.  While they weren't playing for a medal the U.S. met the Russian team with intensity and beat them on their home ice after several shoot outs.  Congratulations to our team.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather where they are.  Be careful.

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  1. I love my single cup Keurig. I recently bought a large box of a type of K cups that aren't plastic - they have a kind of mesh body with the plastic top only. The box, I think, held 80 cups and they were wrapped individually in 8 bags, keeping the rest fresh. They were cheaper, too, than the regular K cups. I got them at Costco, through the Internet, and had them delivered. :)