Sunday, February 23, 2014

51 Days, Alabama, Lionel Richie

With only 51 days left to my scheduled retirement day.  Later this week I will apply for Social Security and upgrade my Medicare to include all the other parts that A doesn't take care.  I will also take a trip down memory lane to the Lemay Museum to see the vintage Volkswagen display that is currently running through Memorial Day.  I have a lot history with vintage Volkswagens that I will share later this week along with the pictures I take while I am at the display.

I would slap my daughter, but it really isn't her fault that she mentioned two country music shows that bring back a flood of memories.  I lived in the 80's but I didn't live in the 80's.  As I have said before I drank, a lot.  I do remember some things and two of the musicians that might be considered at opposite ends of the musical spectrum would be Alabama and Lionel Richie, but if you listen to both you soon realize there is much in common.  Friends of Alabama and Friends of Lionel Richie are two You Tube
videos that will bring back memories and let me warn you…be prepared for tears and emotions you have completely forgotten about.

I just watch both of them and while I am still in not so good condition the experience drained me emotionally.  Listening to those great hits from both entertainers gave me pause and brought me back to places I haven't been in some time.

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